Infrared Heating

At Solartec we are always looking at the latest and most innovative energy saving products.

We offer a range of eco-friendly infrared heaters for both indoor and outdoor use.

Manufactured in to the highest standards, our Eco range is both affordable and easy to install, it delivers fast comfortable radiant heat and can be mounted on walls and ceilings as well as in wet rooms.

Our  mirrored infrared heaters use some of the best energy saving and heating technologies, adding sophistication and warmth to your home with low electricity usage.

Our supplier uses an unrivalled glass processing system producing over 100 tonnes of glass per week, the quality is such that is used in the London Eye and other similar attractions around the world.

The manufacturing process utilises the widest range of toughened coloured glass and in line with our environmental values, the paints used in processing are environmentally friendly low VOC paints. The whole process is “end to end” certified.

Available in 20 trendsetting colours which are Mother Nature inspired and create a warm, soothing atmosphere. Colours range from White Pure, immaculate as snow to Brown Natural, the colour of earth. The colours we use enable you to play with the combinations shade by shade and give your interior a colourful, contemporary touch.