Welcome to Solartec, we are a business in Portugal’s Algarve region dedicated to supplying top quality products and services to homes and businesses, looking to reduce their energy costs, and in doing so, reduce their carbon footprint.

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Producing energy from the climate that we enjoy here in the Algarve makes perfect sense. By creating a sustainable home you will reap the benefits of generating electricity from the sun and providing hot water, underfloor heating, swimming pool heating and many other options which will save you money.
Although the initial outlay is unavoidable the payback time can be shorter than most people think. Taking into account that the cost of buying electricity, gas or oil will only get more expensive in the future it makes the investment worthy of serious consideration.

Our products include Solar for producing electricity, Solar for producing hot water, Heat-pumps for underfloor heating, central heating & pool heating, Thermodynamic hot water systems, underfloor heating & central heating systems, Pellet Burners and Infrared Heating.

If you have a rental property the utility cost can be high. The average hot water consumption is around 40 litres per person per day but for tenants in rental accommodation this can increase up to 80 litres per day. Most people take the view that they are on holiday so will have 2 or 3 showers a day whilst when at home they may  only have one.
Swimming pool heating with a rental property will have a quick payback. By installing a heatpump to guarantee the pool temperature you not only extend the potential rental period but can also charge extra to clients for a heated pool.
Winter in the Algarve can become cold and in most houses there is little or no heating.
We can install underfloor heating or central heating in older houses and new build projects. All these systems are heated primarily using Renewable Energy products such as Solar or heatpumps.
Installing a heating system will also help combat the very high levels of humidity experienced in the Algarve.
We are also extremely aware that it is everyones responsibility to maximise the use of our natural resources such as the sun, especially as fossil fuels becoming less accessible and more expensive.
We are constantly looking at extending our quality product range so please contact us for a bespoke specification and recommendations for your requirements.

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Solartec is an independent green energy business based in Ferragudo, Algarve



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